TRD has developed the avant-garde crossover, C-HR, with the key phrase of “Your Only Fun SUV.”
 It’s a phrase coined by combining “Your Only One” and “Fun.” This concept expresses our wishes to deliver the joy of owing a car to those who love cars, and the joy of decorating and admiring the car as part of a fashion statement to those who use prefer to use the car as a tool. First of all, the entertaining elements of motorsport, such as circuit racing and rallying, are added to the aerodynamic parts of TRD as represented by the two worldviews: Aggressive Style and Extreme Style.

Aggressive Style

 The Aggressive Style has been designed with the concept of a next generation of hot hatch that stands out in any street scene. The sporty, wide and low style is achieved by optimizing the volume and using lateral black lines in many places to create the look of having a low center of gravity without actually lowering the vehicle.

Front Spoiler
 A stable feel is created by sinking the body with the canard-inspired wing shape. Furthermore, the black paint makes the lower grill look bigger and adds a sense of weight associated with a heavier class vehicle. The embedded LEDs further produce an overwhelming presence especially at night.

Side Skirt
 A sporty look is created with the duct shape positioned at the rear while the raised shape reduces the amount of wind hitting the rear tires, contributing to fuel economy. In addition, an air deflector is firmly secured at the back of the side skirt to show our commitment to the product. Controlling the underbody aerodynamics achieves a sense of adhesion to the road.

Rear Bumper Spoiler
 The shape of the undersurface varies depending on the part of the car in order to effectively discharge the air under the floor. As a result, stability at the back of the car is increased while also enhancing the comfort of the back-seat passengers. Furthermore, the body color is applied to the lowest part of the car, giving the design a sporty and heavy visual impression.

Rear Trunk Spoiler
 A raised duck-tail shape adds an intense accent to the simple rear style. Rear downforce is enhanced using the air flowing out of the duct open to the genuine roof spoiler. It further enhances the stability of the back seat while at the same time creating a powerful visual style. Preventing any dirt stirred up from the underbody of the vehicle as a byproduct of airflow control also helps to keep the rear window clean.

Front Bumper Garnish
 A special front mask, which is different from any other C-HR, is presented only for you. A black or metallic silver color accent makes the line from the hood to the bumper look long and elegant. A markedly long-nose appearance is achieved especially when looking from the side of the car. A new metallic silver color which aims to create an enhanced texture is the silver we selected to stand out on the black body.


Extreme Style

 The Extreme Style has been created to achieve an outstanding level of fashionability that stands out both in the great outdoors and on the street, and is based on the concept of extreme sports including rallying. The fender arch is made more muscular and painted in black to create a powerful style with a lifted feel, without changing the height of the vehicle. Items such as the metallic silver front spoiler and the aluminum panel of the mud flaps add the wildness of an uncompromised machine. In addition, their design and color match well with any body color.

Front Spoiler
 A stable feel is created by sinking the body with the wing which protrudes out on both the right and left sides. Added to this, the metallic silver paint finishing creates a powerful silhouette reminiscent of an under guard.

Over Fender
 Adding a fin-shape aspect achieves the aerodynamics required to reduce the steering pull in crosswinds and creates a design that matches the vigorous silhouette of the C-HR.

Mud Flaps
 While boasting the proper spec with aluminum panels, the mud flaps are positioned so as not to interfere with the daily use of the vehicle. The straps are attached to prevent them interfering with the car stopper or getting caught in the tires in a snowy environment.
 The bumper garnish and the rear trunk spoiler are the same as the Aggressive Style, but as TRD, we recommend the black rear trunk spoiler for any body color to maintain the hardline image.


Sports Seat Cover

 TRD has been developing a bucket seat as an item for a complete car, including the 14R-60, 86 and Vitz. By leveraging this expertise, a new sports seat cover has been developed, in pursuit of the optimum driving position and improved seating comfort in addition to the sporty look.
 The seating surface restricts the body movement by effectively incorporating the position of the ribs, seams of the seat and the differences in level. Furthermore, the support pad placed in the lower back position securely holds the hip bone and provides a fitted feel close to a bucket seat without the tightness. The optimal driving position is achieved at all times by suppressing any displacement to the right or left.
 Compared to a bucket seat which “harnesses” the body using the “contoured shape” on both sides, this seat cover “supports” the body using the “seating surface” so that the driving position can be maintained regardless of the body shape of the driver.
 Meanwhile, great efforts have also been put into improving the level of seating comfort by introducing low resilience urethane on the seating surface to absorb any up-and-down movement. The support pads for the back and the lower back areas also contain Exgel®. The body pressure is widely dispersed to enable adjustments of the area size and thickness according to the body shape and preference of the driver. As a result, comfortable driving has now been made possible even for an extended period of time.


Motion Control Beam

 The member brace reinforces the body while the performance damper absorbs the torsion and noise of the vehicle. The MCB® (Motion Control Beam) newly adopted in the C-HR is an item that improves the stability and riding comfort of the vehicle by incorporating elements of both the member brace and the performance damper, and reducing vibration while improving stiffness.
 This has the effect of increasing responsiveness to the driver’s steering motions from the moment the steering wheel is turned. Moreover, the level of riding comfort is also improved as the suspension shock absorbers function more effectively and provide stability for the vehicle against the thrust from the road surface.