TRD 3000GT

Taking a classic racing car aero cowl to the streets

The TRD Racing Aero Cowl captures the body cowl of the Supra GT machine, developed based on TRD's Gr.C machine technology, and modifies it for the street. We directly transferred our racing car know-how for the street, to produce a genuine aero cowl that easily slips away from traditional cowls.



TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl

This list is based on Japanese model and shown in Japanese domestic price.
Description Part No. Code List Price(JPY) Remarks
Wide body kit 51700-JA800 H 925, 000 FRP made, -96.5
51700-JA810 H 925, 000 FRP made, 96.5-02.8
Aero bonnet hood 53311-JA800 H 200, 000 FRP made, Heat radiation air-slit processed type (Made to order, Lead time: 1 month)
Rear wing TYPE-S 76871-JA800 H Discontinued FRP made, Angle adjustable type
TYPE-R 76871-JA810 H Discontinued FRP made, Angle fixed type, Triple stay style
* On vehicles with no factory rear spoiler installed, you must drill holes and replace the backdoor stay to install the rear wing. (drill: A7768-JA800)
* All products are finished with an FRP white gel coat.
* The wide body kit includes the front bumper, front spoiler, front bumper air duct, fender panel (front/rear), side step, rear bumper, and more.
* Increases width by 50 mm.