* Usage that causes the brake rotor temperature to exceed the allowable range may cause rotor deformation.
* The brake rotor may wear faster depending on how the parts are assembled.
* Shuddering (shaking) may occur depending on the state of the customer's vehicle and the usage endured.

Sports Brake Disc

  • High reliability for power driving

    This brake disk is designed to maintain control over the mighty power you unleash, and to decelerate smoothly and reliably. The slit design always maintains dust-free pads in their best condition.



    Sports Brake Disc
    Vehicle Model Code Part No. Code List Price(JPY) Remarks
    ALTEZZA gita

    16" brake model(enlarged 4-wheel disc brake model)

    43512-SE102 F Discontinued Front RH 5-slit grooved φ296
    43516-SE102 F Discontinued Front LH
    42431-SE101 F Discontinued Rear RH 5-slit grooved φ307
    42431-SE111 F Discontinued Rear LH
    CELICA GT-FOUR ST205 43512-ST011 F Discontinued Front RH 4-slit grooved φ315
    43516-ST011 F Discontinued Front LH
    SUPRA JZA80(17" wheel model) 43512-JX002 F Discontinued Front RH 5-slit grooved φ323
    43516-JX002 F Discontinued Front LH